Hot Oiler Trucks

Hot Oiler

Standard operates a fleet of hot oilers out of each of its locations ranging in size from 75 bbl (3,150 gal) to 100 bbl (4,200 gal). We once maintained the largest fleet of hot oilers in the nation. We performed a wide range of jobs outside of the regular oil field applications; such as, supplying hot water in the Valdez oil spill cleanup, heating motor oil in large engines at power plants, heating up oil in rail cars to be unloaded onto ships, heating frac fluids, and defrosting water pipes in apartment complexes. We pump hot fluid down well casing and flow lines to melt paraffin, including heating tank bottoms to separate oil and water to get the oil tank ready to sell. Our hot oilers are used during well servicing operations to pump oil down the tubing or casing,  for casing pressure testing, and to check the casing on injection wells monitored and verified by paper chart recorder or pressure up on wells to check proper downhole pump action.

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